An Excellent Tool for the Serious Day Trader!

Try the essential trading tool described in my book: “Day Trading Grain Markets“.


  • Tracks the opening range
  • Displays the entry
  • Displays the number of contracts you can take according to your money management strategy
  • Displays the stop loss point
  • Displays the profit target
  • Displays session limits
  • Never recommends orders outside session limits
  • Works with Excel or open source spreadsheet software
  • Optimized for grains, but easily configured for any futures market.

If you want to trade the grain markets using the techniques described in my book, then this simple to use tool will be invaluable.

Don’t risk pencil and paper calculations in fast moving marketsuse the Trading Calculator!

Cost: A$20.00

(To buy, click on the button below. After the transaction is completed, you will be forwarded to the download page.)

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